How Olamide’s Wife Humiliated Me Publicly, Turned Me To An Errand Girl – Temmie Ovwasa

Temmie Ovwasa, a singer and ex-YBNL signee, has taken to social media to voice her grievances against her former boss, Olamide, and his wife, Adebukunmi Aisha Suleiman.

How Olamide’s Wife Humiliated Me Publicly, Turned Me To An Errand Girl – Temmie Ovwasa

In a series of posts shared on her Instagram story, Temmie Ovwasa expressed her discontent with the way Olamide’s wife treated her during her time under their care.

She alleged that the couple mistreated her, particularly highlighting instances where Adebukunmi publicly humiliated her, often reminding her of her poor background from Ilorin, Kwara State.

The singer, who described Olamide’s wife as a mean woman, recounted several instances of public humiliation she endured, stressing that Bukunmi was fortunate not to have encountered her aggressive side.

Temmie went on to share her frustration about lost opportunities, such as over 25 recorded songs that mysteriously vanished due to negligence by Olamide’s producer, Pheez.

She wrote, “I got into the music industry to sing, Olamide carried me on his head and paraded me as the “princess” but once the cameras were off I was in a house with his disrespectful ass, classist wife who made it her mission to remind me that I was a poor girl that they brought from Ilorin to change her life.

“I’d go out with this woman and she’d humiliate me publicly! When people ask for pictures she made it her mission to remind me that I was broke, it’s not enough to help people, don’t add to their problems!!

“I kuku never tagged him on the video that he saw, I never cared to be associated with you people, I really just wanted to sing!

“I recorded over 25 songs and Pheelz opened his wide mouth to tell me he misplaced the hard drive, 25 songs!! I spent 5 years and released 4 songs! I have recorded and released 3 albums since I left these people, I have so many songs I could drop an album EVERY WEEK!

“Nobody is perfect and I gave you the benefit of doubt for 5 years!!!”.

Temmie Ovwasa also discussed uncomfortable moments when Olamide’s wife would spray perfume on her, seemingly due to her perception of poverty, while simultaneously hiring a nanny to care for her child.

She felt she was turned into an errand girl by Olamide’s wife, and the couple held numerous meetings to discuss her sexuality, communication style, and apparent inability to comprehend her manner of speaking.

Addressing allegations of being a drug addict, Temmie clarified that her struggles with hard drugs stemmed from her history of mental health issues.

She stated that she decided to speak out due to the recent death of her colleague, Mohbad, and the unsettling revelations surrounding his untimely demise.

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