“Nigeria VS Ghana”: Nigerian Man Married to a Ghanaian Woman Posts Video Showing His Handsome Baby Boy

A baby born to a Nigerian father and a Ghanaian mother has gone viral after his video emerged on TikTok.

The baby’s father used his TikTok handle, @bigmiller09, to post the video to show how handsome the child is.

In the video, the child’s parents collaged some of his photos and shared with the public with the caption:

“What Nigeria and Ghana produced together.”

Nigerians and Ghanaians debate over handsome baby

The baby was seen smiling nicely to the camera. He is blessed with a lot of hair and smooth black skin that looks tender and attractive.


Immediately after the video was posted, an argument ensued over which country has a stronger gene.


While Nigerians congratulated the father for having such a handsome child, some Ghanaians stood with the child’s mother.


Watch the video below:


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