Nigerian lady lists five things she won’t be allowing at her wedding

A young Nigerian Christian lady has gone public with some of the things people shouldn’t expect at her wedding and which won’t be changed no matter who begs.

In the video she shared, the lady repeatedly stated that as a “devoted child of God”, no “worldly song” will be played at her wedding as both she and God won’t approve of it. According to her, her wedding is holy and pure and she is only going to be playing songs that glorify God.

She also said only true believers will be invited to her wedding as she doesn’t want anyone not inclined with her belief and religion to say that her wedding is boring. According to her, only true believers will understand why she is making the rule.

The lady further told prospective guests at her wedding that she hates egusi soup and it won’t be part of the food menu for her wedding.

The Christian lady also said people are not allowed to spray her money on her wedding day as only her husband is allowed to do so. Those attending were told to package their money in an envelope which they can pass on when they arrive.

She rounded up by stating that she won’t tolerate indecent dressing at her wedding. The lady averred that she’s supposed to be the star of her wedding and the attention shouldn’t be taken by someone who dresses indecently.



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