“They Called Him Ugly”: Mother Shows Her Baby’s Lips After Birth, Transformation Video Goes Viral on TikTok

A mother has posted a video to show what her little baby’s lips looked like when she gave birth to him

The 15 seconds video posted on TikTok shows that the baby had what looked like purplish colour on his lips

She said some people called her baby ugly, but the child has now transformed into a very handsome boy

A mother has posted a

15 seconds video on TikTok showing the transformation of her baby boy.

The video was posted by @momlifeandmonique, and it shows the baby with what looked like purplish colour on his cute lips.


Photos of a baby boy who looks handsome.

Because of the colour of his lips, the child’s mother said some people called him ugly when he was born.

Video of a young boy who looks adorable goes viral

However, the child is now growing, and the colour on his lips has now completely disappeared.


The mother has now posted new photos of the child to flaunt his fantastic transformation.


Some people who saw the video, however, argued that there was nothing wrong with the baby in the first place.

They conclude that he looked equally handsome when he was born, just as he looks cute presently.

The video has drawn comments from her followers on TikTok after it went viral and gained 3.8 million views.

Reactions from TikTok users

@CharlieBlockhead said:

“Dam! Are his parents models? Beautiful human being.”

@user168207401750 reacted:

“So handsome from day one.”

@Stuckup.rere said:

“That’s how my daughter’s lips looked.”

@armygirlforer said:

“He was cute even before this.”

@samiraborders0 said:

“He is handsome from the day he was born. Don’t let anyone tell you different about your son.”

@Tara May commented:

“He’s adorable either way.”

@james said:

“Wow! Your baby is a model. I didn’t notice.”


“Aww! I think he was always cute. Sending blessings upon blessing to the beautiful boy.”

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