Wizkid Hasn’t Released Any Hit Song Since 2014 – Daniel Regha Sparks Debate

Popular social media critic, Daniel Regha has asserted that Nigerian superstar artiste, Wizkid has a dying music career.

Wizkid and Daniel Regha

He says Wizkid failed to release a new hit song since he dropped Ojuelegba in 2014 and the fact that some of his songs won awards does not qualify them to be labelled ‘hits’.

The Twitter Influencer, in a post on the microblogging site, added that Starboy’s latest album, More Love Less Ego was an incredible disappointment.

According to Daniel Regha, who often criticises celebs, there is a need for Wizkid to urgent improve on his songwriting skills.

He wrote; “Wizkid has not dropped a single hit song since Ojuelegba was released; Sure he’s worked on many music projects, but a song winning awards or being popular don’t mean its a hit. His last album MLLE was incredibly d!sappointing. Hope he improves his songwriting skills. No shades.”

His comment and recommendation stired controversy online, especially from Wizkid FC that said his statement has no argumentative basis.

@lilb3nzodogwu; Winning awards or popularity does not define a “hit” song, and artists evolve creatively. While some may have found Wizkid’s recent album underwhelming, we hope he continues to improve his songwriting skills in future projects.

@Shedrackinekwe; Louder….so they can stop watching those 10 girls on bed and come out.. you get Backup, no worry. U make sense today.

@OneSmileToday; I guess you don’t know what maturity stage means in business or career? Wizkid is at the level where whatever he drops people will sing to it because everyone knows its wizkid’s✍️

@Oluwadeco_; This dude uses his tweet to chase clout which is good for him to trend & continue building his account, as for what he said, wizkid had a hit in 2017 which was come closer ft. drake..as for d MLLE album, it’s really a disappointing project

@callhernaomi; Na….this tweet sure me say u go get plenty carry over for sch….. so what’s the purpose of a particular song being a hit if that same song is not popular and bags award?

@Emperor_olu1; Daniel was this how you were ten years ago? Wizkid has evolved, his audience is different now from Africa to Asia to Europe and America even Australia you expect him to keep singing like he did 10 years ago then what’s growth to you. Wiz has been dropping hit back to back.

@UnoTehga; Someone said he should pay Omah lay to write song for wizkid, cause she tell me say and him em dey always tok for music

@EmryzMccall; He’s not improving anytime soon, Because he needs to change that pattern entirely. Every time she tell me say, she says bla bla bla.

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