Nigerian Woman Laments Online, Leaks Whatsapp DMs Her Bestie Sent Her Husband

A Nigerian woman, Rose, has exposed her best friend on social media for seeking to create problems in her matrimonial home.

Rose who is in an interracial relationship leaked Whatsapp messages her best friend sent to her husband.

Rose, Whatsapp DMs, best friend

In the TikTok expose, her bestie was telling her husband that the two kids in their matrimonial home were Rose’s.

The said bestie went on to offer Rose’s husband if he would like to meet up with her so more secrets can be leaked.

From the chats, Rose’s husband did not give further reply to his wife’s bestie after the first exchange of pleasantries.

Rose said she already informed her man that she has two kids out of wedlock and wondered what her bestie hoped to achieve.

Social media reactions

“Hmmm my dear run for your life don’t even bother to fight with her just avoid her ok.”

“Me nah my blood sister dey spoil my own name give my husband, nothing dey shock me again.”

“Betrayal of the highest order.”

“I’m not sure if she is your bestie because if she is your bestie she will know your husband know about it already.”

“Married woman watin u dey use Bestie still dey do na small thing u don see.”

”Abeg no be this thing be our problem now.

“Now is about our future not family matters.”

“Una no dey hear make una stay away from friends but una no dey hear .I don’t have friends talk less of bestie.”

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