Lady begs the landlord to sléép with her so that her rent arrears can be cleared.

Responses on the internet have been mixed to a video showing a woman who was behind on her rent pleading with her landlord to use her bòdy to collect the money they owed.

The woman claims that the current economic climate makes it impossible for her to come up with the 250,000 naira required to cover the rent increase (about Ghc 6,659.69). She begged her landlord and ultimately chose to make a sacrifice of her life as payment in kind rather than cash.

When her future husband proposed to her in the chapel, she smacked him. Yet, the loyal landlord turned down her offer and told her to go if she couldn’t come up with the extra money for the higher rent in advance.


It would appear that the “spell” the woman cast over the landlord did not have the desired effect, as she is currently making preparations to vacate the property.

Rent control is generally considered to be one of the least successful policies run by the government in Africa. Not just in Ghana, but all around the continent of Africa.


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