Actress Adunni Ade poses with Niqābīah, reveals she got to see her face without her niqab

Adunni Ade, a Nigerian actress, posted a photo of herself standing with Niqbah, a Muslim woman who wears a niqab, on social media.

As she welcomed Niqbah as the first guest to her Cooking program, Adunni can be seen grinning while standing next to her in the picture.

She continues by saying that the woman is lovely and that she is delighted she got to see her face.

She wrote, ” My first time meeting Mrs Sherifa ceo @smdnigeria was amazing! First time meeting niqābīah. I also got to see her without her niqab on. She is beautiful! She makes and creates the healthiest herb seasoning!

She invited me to her her first guest in her new kitchen on her cooking show. She made bulgur(first time trying it out) and beef sautéed in gravy, potatoes and veggies. Yummy! @smdnigeria I love your bold step in changing the narrative of Islamic wonen in the society we live in.”

The photo of Adunni and Niqābīah has generated reactions from fans and followers who have commended the actress for promoting unity and tolerance.

One fan wrote, ” Masha Allah, thank you ma for honouring her invite”

Another commented,” Most beautiful ve seen on internet today @kikelomosibesibe come and see something”

Another fan commented, ” Who else see the beauty I’m seeing”

See the photo below:

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