Moses Oyeleke, a pastor of Living Faith Ministries, has shared his account of how was being abducted by Boko haram in Sambisa.

Pastor Moses Oyeleke said that on April 10, 2019, he left Maiduguri on the instruction of his church’s leadership to deliver supplies to internally displaced people (IDPs) camping in Chibok.

He explained that together with a corps member named Abraham Amutu, and the driver, they traveled with two trucks, one carrying food for the IDPs and the other carrying him.

In his words:
“It was the driver that first saw them, they were high up on the tree,”

“So, they were able to see people coming and everything that was happening at the military checkpoint. They told me that when a vehicle is coming and they notice it stayed at the checkpoint for a long time, they understood that the vehicle had valuables. But people don’t know that because while we were there, other vehicles were passing freely because they did not have as much load as us.

“We had not gone far after the checkpoint before the Boko Haram attacked us. The first thing we heard was gunshots. They shot at our tyres and brought our trucks to a halt.”.

“While walking, we met other villagers in the Boko Haram settlements. They would see us and shout ‘Allahu Akbar, happy that we were arrested. Sometimes they would give us water, sometimes they would allow us rest,”

“I remember it vividly. They offered us food – rice and beans and chicken – but I couldn’t eat it. Maybe it was the fear in me, I don’t know. They told me in Hausa that there was nothing in it and that I should eat, so I just took a spoon so as not to anger them. Even after they showed us where we would sleep for the night, I couldn’t sleep,”