A man who emerged at the house of his potential in-laws to complete the traditional marriage process was tested by the in-laws when they asked him to exhibit his culinary skills.

The Kenyan man who goes by the name Nahashon disclosed that his family journeyed from Murang’a to Makueni to pay the bride price only for them to arrive and find themselves being asked to join in cooking for the event.

According to the online source, the suitor said that their in-laws informed them they were expected to cook for themselves and other guests as is the culture among the Akamba tribe.

Confirming the news to Kenyan tabloid Tuko, the man said they went along with some items that had been requested of them by the in-laws. According to Nahashon, he thought it was a joke when they told his family that they were supposed to cook the meals.

The man said;

After arriving in Makueni, we were immediately asked to start cooking for the event. We had to be shown where the firewood and the kitchen are, and we started cooking to our disappointment. I have never seen this before but we ate together after we finished cooking and the ceremony was successful”.