Lady shares messages husband sent to her after leaving baby with him to babysit for hours

A Nigerian lady has shared a WhatsApp conversation with her husband after she left their baby with him to go to the market.

The lady identified as @lau_rehl on TikTok revealed that she left her baby at home with her man and the WhatsApp screenshot showcased how her husband reacted to the situation.

He kept pleading with her to come home, stating that the baby had been crying and needed her attention.

According to her husband, his ears were swollen due to the excessive sound of their baby’s cries.

He also complained that since 2 pm his wife had gone to the market she had not returned. From the WhatsApp conversation, the lady was still outside till around 9 pm.

The man lamented: “Where you Dey now? This is almost 5 hours just to go to market. Abeg my ear won swell. You still Dey market, Omo since how many hours, You commot by 2.”


@merry reacted: “You comot since 2 o’clock why na.”

Flora said: “My own go carry all of us go, then wait with the baby in the car with his food oo.”

Adorable_Reedah reacted: “Thanks for this update.”

SAPELE WEIGHT GAIN VENDOR said: “Why baby wan swell he ear na.”

Christerbel benneth said: “You sef you commot by 2 after 6 you never still reach house the man try.”

@ca_ssy619 said: “My ear won swell” got me rolling they never see anything sef.”

Watch the video below:

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