I once fed from the trash, slept with a man for favours at age 15 – Kisa recounts poor past

Kisa Gbekle recounts her sad past
Kisa Gbekle recounts her sad past

Kisa Gbekle shares her sorrowful past

Kisa Gbekle admits sleeping with a 19-year-old man at age 15

Kisa Gbekle narrates what her brothers did to the man she slept with

Ghanaian actress, Kisa Gbekle, has sadly recounted the challenges she faced growing up in the Volta Region to the extent that she slept with a young man at age 15.

Speaking in an interview on the Delay Show, Kisa Gbekle disclosed that she was from a very destitute background where she and her family had to go through a lot just to get their daily bread.

“We were poor to an extent we have to walk miles to my mother’s junior sister to take corn flour. We had to go to the borla (refuse dump) to pick tomatoes and pepper.

“We had to hustle by the sea in order to get at least one fish to use for our meal at home. I had to sleep with a man for favour at age 15. I was 15 and he was 19 at that time,” she narrated.

Meanwhile, she divulged her brothers after learning that was devirginized by the young man she willingly slept with, reported him to the police.

“I have three brothers and I was the fourth child. It was a whole lot that resulted in the police getting involved. My brother went to report the guy to the police for rape, but they later withdrew the case and settled it at home,” she added.

However, she also made it known that the multiple times she dropped out of school didn’t stop her from successfully completing her Secondary School education.

“I dropped out of school so many times because of money. I went to Tsito Secondary Technical and Awudome and I completed.”

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