Korra Obidi cries out for funds for legal battle against husband over their kids

Popular dancer, Korra Obidi cries out to the public to donate funds for her legal fee as her husband submits a court order for their kids not to be posted on social media for content.

Korra Obidi’s ex-husband, Justin Dean had taken to social media earlier to reveal that he wants his children off the social media space as he doesn’t consider that good for them.

Korra obidi husband funds legal kids
Korra Obidi, ex-husband Justin Dean, and daughter.

This comes after the American cried out over the way his daughter twerks like her mom who dances in a similar manner.

Korra Obidi took to social media to react to the order, expressing that doing contents about motherhood and her experiences as a mother is what her contents revolve around and she cannot afford her children being banned from social media.

She called on the public to donate funds to her GoFundMe account so that she can afford to pay for a good lawyer.

Watch the video below:


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