Young Ladies In Lagos, Stop Inserting Seasoning Cubes Into Your Butt- Kemi Olunloyo Says

Kemi Olunloyo, a journalist and blogger was on her Twitter account to advise young ladies to stop using seasoning cubes as a tool for enlarging their backside.


Kemi Olunloyo, said young ladies in Lagos should stop inserting seasoning cubes into their buttocks, Kemi said it will give them the big butt they desire, but the result of that act is that 2500 kg of sodium (salt) will be introduced their bloodstream then their heart electrolytes will begin to mess up then a cardiac arrest will happen. Kemi said the next thing will be the announcement of the death of such a person.

This is a good advice from Kemi Olunloyo, young ladies should learn how to be contented with their God given body, instead of seeking various means of remodelling their body. They should also put their health and well being into consideration when making a decision that concerns their health and future.

Read what Kemi Olunloyo said about the insertion of seasoning cubes in the butt below.


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