6 phones more expensive than 3 Range Rover and Mercedes Benz cars [one of them’ll buy 20]

Range Rover is one of the cars that turn heads in Nigeria, basically because they are expensive. Surprisingly, there are mobile phones that are way more expensive than these cars

As at 2019, there are about 23 million smartphone users in Nigeria; however, these phones are not meant for typical users; they are specially made for wealthy individuals interested in showing off.

The highest cost of a foreign used Range Rover in Nigeria during our search (at the time of publication) was around $180,400. There are some Nigerian used that cost on average $16,845 (using $1 = N415).

Below are some expensive phones worth more than Range Rovers; iPhone users get ready to admire expensive phones.

Savelli Emerald Night – $250,000

Manufactured in 2009, the Savelli Emerald Night phone does not fail to shout “I am here to shine!”. It is designed with 12.5-carat white gold and 4.5 emeralds. The screen display is 3.2 inches made of Sapphire glass.

It costs about $250,000.

Vertue Signature Cobra – $310,000

Vertue is well known for manufacturing luxury phones. One of such is the Vertue Signature Cobra. It is gold plated with a Cobra feature.

It is one of eight phone limited series designed by popular French jewelry company, Boucheron Vertu. It is assembled by hand in the United Kingdom. Each series, just like the Vertue Signature Cobra costs $310,000.

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot – $1 Million

Gresso is an international company that manufactures luxury eyewear, mobile phones and accessories. It launched the Luxor line of iPhones in 2010 and the Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot is the most expensive at $1 million. The iPhone is bathed in 180 grams of gold along with 45.5-karat of black diamonds decorating the front and 200-year-old African blackwood encasing the back.

Goldvish Le Million – $1 Million

The Le Million is designed by Goldvish, a renown luxury brand. The phone held the Guinness World Record for the Most Expensive phone when it was released

It was designed by Emmanuel Gueit, a jewellery and watch designer

The designer, Gueit, in an interview described his childhood thus: “I was born into the watch world. My Father, together with Gerald Genta and Gilbert Albert were the fathers of this watch design industry. I grew up surrounded with watches, jewelry and CEO’s at home. I’m like Obelix (for the french), I fall in it when I was a little one”.

The Goldvish Le Million is worth about $1 million.

Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition – $8 Million



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