I Allowed My Husband To Chop Other Woman In My Presence – Popular Female TV Presenter Reveals

Obaapa Yaa Tiwaa, a popular Ghanaian TV presenter has made a sh’cking revelation about her husband’s affair with other women while they were married.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, Yaa Tiwaa explained that they separated due to some marital issues, but her husband has refused to annul their union. She indicated that her husband told her pastor that he has no feelings for her anymore. Moreover, the same pastor who blessed their marriage ten years ago blessed his new marriage knowing that he is married.

Obaapa Yaa Tiwaa on SVTV

“By God’s grace, he is married now, but legally, he is still my husband. When they married, I visited the pastor and asked him why he blessed the marriage, knowing that we are not divorced. He said he had forgotten. So I told my lawyer about it,” she said.

Speaking on why they separated, Tiwaa disclosed that her husband’s personality changed, and he would sometimes send her pictures to ladies asking her to choose one for him.

“Before we separated, we had issues, so we went to my pastor. He told him in my presence that he didn’t love me anymore. He would often put different ladies on his profile picture but what made me leave the marriage was when he sent me photos of five Legon ladies asking me to choose one for him,” she added.

The single mother added that she has not seen her younger son after their separation. According to him, he does not want the child to call her mum and also call his new wife, mom. Presently, Tiwaa takes care of their older son while he caters to the young one.

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