Bride gets social media talking after she was spotted doing this to her bridesmaid

Weddings are among the ceremonies that bring the majority of people together in our communities. Marriage is one of God’s most prized possessions.

Many people have taken wedding ceremonies to a new level by performing unconventional dance maneuvers in order to earn attention and popularity.

On numerous occasions, the groom was seen “grinding” the bride during their wedding ceremony in order to make their program look lovely. But what most people have forgotten is that there are children at the event who are also seeing what is going on.

According to a social media video, a bride was captured on camera “grinding” the bridesmaid’s backside in order to make the program more appealing. According to the video, you can see how joyful the bride was doing such a thing in public, despite the fact that young people were watching.

People are unable to stop talking on social media because they cannot believe what they are witnessing. We must set a positive example for the next generation to follow if they are to do the right thing in the future.

Watch the video below:



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