The report that Tennis star, Venus Williams is still a virgin at 41 is a shocker to many, however, considering the fact that everything is possible, we are tempted to trust it.

People can’t fathom why do not seem to get why a pretty grown-as* hot woman is still a virgin. MTO News is known for some of this weird news and as usual, that’s where I saw it first.

She has reportedly said that she is not going to open her legs for any man until marriage.

The article, which has been reprinted hundreds of times online claims, “Venus Williams is sticking to her strict Jehovah Witness upbringing. Jehovah Witness practice does not allow sex before marriage;.” The article claims to have spoken to a “source” who said the following:

“It is funny because Venus decided as a child that she would wait until she finds her husband before having sex, Serena did not go that route. But it turns out that Serena is married while Venus is still looking for a husband,” the source said.

MTO News was not able to find the original source for the article, nor have we been able to independently corroborate the claims inside it. But the article is going viral, and has Venus as the #1 trending topic on Twitter this morning.

Check out some reactions from Twitter users to the news below;