People usually show off the money they got on their birthday after having fun with friends and loved ones who were there to celebrate and support them but none of them get this huge money as Papaya did on her birthday.

A few days ago, it was the birthday of Papaya, and celebrating it in a huge way she invited a lot of influencers and celebrities who went with a huge sum of money to spray her as a birthday gift and to show their love and affection towards her.

After everything, Papaya checked her money and we are surprised at the huge sum of money she got that she has to even get a counting machine to be able to count the money and that shows you how wealthy her friends have made her just in a night.

Though she didn’t tell us the amount she got after counting everything, almost everyone who sees it would love to be in her shoes at this particular moment to be able to have such a huge amount of money just a night at his/her birthday party.

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