Singer Davido has cried out after calculating how much he spent on Detty December alone saying he needs to up the score to get back what he spent enjoying Detty December.

Davido and his family along with his team enjoyed themselves during the Christmas holidays and after looking back on things and how much he spent, has cried out saying he has to up the scores to get more than what he spent.

According to Davido, he just did some accounting and it was a very fvcking expensive December for him saying he needs to up the score in order to be able to close the gap that his expenses in December have caused his financial status.

Davido is known to be someone who spends a lot but never complains about it hence for him to cry out about this after his calculations mean he has either spent more than he budgeted or didn’t know he could spend that much.

He recently shares with us how much he made at the end of the year and it was very impressive and we know if he continues with the hard work, he will easily get back what he and his family spent on Detty December.

screenshot below.