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Built Not Bought – Juliet Ibrahim Says As Shows Off Her New Mansion – Watch

Actress Juliet Ibrahim has shared a new video of the beautiful mansion she recently finished building.

That was the deduction we made from the caption she attached to the video she uploaded on her official Instagram platform.

Another distinctive feature of the video is Juliet’s dress as was seen wearing a black jumpsuit and complemented her outfit with a beautiful yellow blazer.

She also rocked pair of sunglasses plus some other accessories that augmented her ever flawless beauty.

She shared the video of her imposing edifice while writing: “Built not Bought. Hustle not Handed. Earned not given. Blessed not Cursed.”

Watch the video below;

Juliet Ibrahim recently made a new post highlighting how her life journey has been for her so far in the year 2021.

The filmmaker and fine actress revealed she had had the ups and downs including surviving COVID three times after being tested positive.

Juliet further said she lost her puppies and was brought to reality when she found out that people hate others without even needing a reason to do so. Ultimately she patted herself on the back for the enormous achievement she has accomplished within the year regardless.

She wrote;

“2021 has been a journey of ups and downs for me. Surviving COVID, been tested positive 3 times in a year, losing 2 puppies I loved so much, losing people I thought were friends, finding out people will hate U without reasons and do all to destroy ur brand/image, still adjusting to a new lifestyle, empowering and investing in myself, pampering myself on a regular, graduating from Leadership school, empowering others, winning silently, enjoying motherhood, keeping a close circle of people in my life, working on new movie projects,Brewing my next brew , innovating and celebrating a renewed ME.

“I’ll like to say #Congratulations to Myself and a pat on the back. Well done #JulietIbrahim you rarely appreciate how far you’ve come and how you pull through tough times and still emerge victorious every single time. #Kudos #Bravo.”


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