Marry one, marry all’ — Nigerian triplets share marriage hopes

'Marry one, marry all' -- Nigerian triplets share marriage hopes

For Taye, Kehinde, and Eta Omosuwa, Nigerian triplets, sustaining their bond beyond marriage is a fight to finish.

The triplets have many things in common. They work in the same company and department as nurses, are usually clad in the same outfits and spend most of their time together.

“We wash together, eat together and also wear the same size of shoes and clothes,” they told BBC Pidgin.

The triplets said they are always together because whenever they are apart, they usually fall sick.

“If one of us is away, the remaining two of us won’t be okay. We also fall sick at the same time. Anytime one of us is sick, they usually put others on treatment too because they know the same thing will also happen to them,” they added.

“Even if one of us experiences pimples, the other two will also get such. We believe this is happening because we share the same placenta.”

The trio said people are often surprised that they think alike and do things simultaneously even when not together.

They added that although they know they cannot stay together forever, any man that marries one of them should be ready to tolerate the others.

For the Ondo-born triplets, it is “marry one, marry all.”

According to them, anytime there is a function to be performed by the husband of one of them, they are all going to turn up in the same attire and be represented as one.

They recalled that when one of them did her introduction, her fiance found it difficult to identify which of them he intends to marry that he mistakenly picked another person.

The trio said their original wish was to also marry a set of triplets but the dream did not materialise.

Speaking about their birth, the triplets said when their mother conceived them, she thought she was only carrying one child until she did a scan.


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