Christmas Has Nothing To Do With Christ – Daddy Freeze Explains Reason Behind Christmas

According to the controversial media personality, said that although the event of Christmas is not about the birth of Jesus, it is also an event to have fun from all the stress the year came with.

He described the Christmas season as the birth of a “European god” which was declared a holiday by the Europeans. He added that the Europeans wanted Christians to rest from all from work and also be happy, hence calling the 25th day of December a “holiday”.

“The son of the European god was born today and they declared it a Holiday. So, we true Christians wish the rest of you Happy holidays,” he said in one of his posts.

“According to onlinefirstaid:

Christmas is a peak time for increased stress and accidents, for both humans and pets. According to RoSPA, more than 80,000 people go to A&E each year for Christmas-related accidents, and over 6,000 of these need to be admitted. Decorations, fires, new toys, visitors, cooking, and houses packed with over-excited children and extra animals present a lot of potential hazards. Factor in the additional seasonal stress and alcohol and you can start to understand how people fall foul of the festive season.”


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