Their altercation escalated as Kofi disclosed that he lost interest in his wife for almost 2 years after she picked a habit of storing waste including urine and fecal matter in their single room.

In a video that captured the appalling scene, Beatrice raised her hand on her husband, Kofi Sefa after he accused her of uncleanliness at their marital home whilst talking about their marriage in the studios of Nhyira FM.

In a recent video, the couple who had joined a family gathering where their issues were being discussed in order to restore peace in their marriage and home.

After admitting she was wrong, the sober wife who is also a mother knelt down before her disgruntled husband to forgive her.

Watch the video below;

Read some reactions from IG users below;

o2apropertiesandlandsurveyors; `Not to say the man shouldn’t forgive her, but it’s clear this is not the first time it has happened. He is using this moment to reflect on the number of abuses he has endured privately. Fear women!!!

fabricsbykosiwa; `Is she’s unable to hold herself back in public….. what will she do behind closed doors. If it were my son or brother, I’ll ask him to come home with the kids 🙄🙄🙄. I draw the line at violence.

thejulianaamoateng; `I may be wrong, but from that video and this one, the man looks like he’s being abused every day of his life by this woman. This is not healthy for him nor the woman. The same energy used to advice women to flee from abusive marriages must be replicated here. Who speaks for men? It’s sad!