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Lady Sacked From Work For Bleaching Her Skin

A post we have chanced upon revealed how a lady was sacked from her workplace by her boss just because she has bleached.

According to the post, the boss of the lady stated that the lady’s skin made customers feel very uncomfortable.

The post was made on the popular social media platform, Twitter by the user with the handle, @Ikotsharon.

The post reads;

“So a lady got fired today cus she bleached so bad her knuckles were dark while her body was white. She obviously can’t serve guests with those hands so we had to let her go.

I am not against bleaching your skin but just do it right.

We do not discriminate staff with conditions of any sort. We offered to move her out of the floor due to complaints of her looking untidy, she decline. Gloves was an option too for her.

We run medical checkups on all staff and find best ways to manage them with us.”



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