Outstanding Ghanaian media personality, Gloria Akpene Nyarku-Acquah, well known as MzGee has revealed her intentions to have a child of her own, specifically triplets at once when she conceives.

According to her, she has had a lot of people question and points fingers at her as to when she will be having her own child after four years of marriage. She stated that countless comments and counselling from some people are sometimes overwhelming.

Speaking in an interview with Deloris Frimpong, well known as Delay on the Delay Show, MzGee stated that she has only been married for only four years and has heard stories of how couples who are even older than her had their first child after 10-15 years of marriage.

However, she revealed that she really wants to have a child of her own and has asked God to bless her with triplets when she conceives. She claims that she is at the mercy of God, hence God will give her her own child when the time is right.

When asked about how her husband feels about the delay in bearing their own child, MzGee revealed that her husband does not pay attention to what society says about their marriage, adding that she is not being pressured by the family to bear a child.

She further stated that she cannot fathom why society is so concerned about her not getting pregnant when her marriage is just four years old.