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Ini Edo Just Made Her Baby The Most Miserable Person On Earth

Writer Waterz Yidana has claimed that actress Ini Edo has just made her daughter the most miserable person on earth that she might even attempt suicide if she doesn’t grow emotionally strong to withstand all that will come her way because of Ini Edo’s decision.

The writer speaking about Ini Edo having a child through surrogacy said that isn’t the problem at all but the problem is she using a random donor just to avoid a baby daddy donor which means her daughter will never have the privilege of seeing her father.

According to him, Ini Edo could have chosen any of her male friends she trust or even her boyfriend to be the donor for her instead of going for a random donor she doesn’t know and can’t show her daughter that this is her father when she grows up and demands to know or see her father.

Adding that this baby will go through a lot of psychological problems and mental torture looking for her father and because of the questions that will pop up in her mind but her mother can’t give her answers and this shows that Ini Edo doesn’t care about how the baby will feel when she grows up as she just cares about having a baby to please the society.

He then advised women who want to go through the surrogacy process just like Ini Edo to do it with men they like so that the child can have and know their father because it’s a great thing to have a father and everyone deserves that unlike what Ini Edo has done to her child who might never know her father for the rest of her life.

But it might just be that Ini Edo knows the father of her daughter and just decided not to let the media know about it hence claiming she used a random donor which we are sure the hospital would have contacted her to verify from her before going ahead with the process.

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