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Runs Is Like Ritual – Blessing Okoro Explains Why Women Who Monetize Their Bodies Regrets When They Look Back (Video)

Blessing Okoro shared a video of herself explaining why most women who monetize their bodies usually regret it when they look back on what they’ve done with their bodies claiming runs is something she has never done before.

According to her, runs is like doing rituals or yahoo yahoo and it doesn’t last nor is it sustainable and that is why most of the women who engage in that regret doing that when they sit down and look back at what they did with their bodies.

Blessing Okoro then added that the only thing that is sustainable is value because when you value yourself really well it will last and sustain you all your life on earth and even sustain or be of advantage to your kids when you’re no more.

Therefore, instead of monetizing your life for things that aren’t sustainable, value yourself and sustain your life and that of your children when you are no more because when you do runs, you pick a lot of things that make you regret if you sit down and look back.

video below;


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