If you’re in a relationship, it’s cheating to collect gifts from another man that likes you – Lady says

A Nigerian Twitter user has taken to the micro-blogging platform to condemn women who willfully collect gifts from men they are not dating.

According to her, it is wrong for a lady who is in a relationship to collect gift items from a man who likes and admires her.

She said that it is cheating for such lady to collect such items knowing fully well that she is dating someone else.

The lady with Twitter handle @yay_tunes said; ‘‘Collecting gifts from a man you know likes you whilst being in a relationship is cheating”

See the post:

Social media users were divided on whether the act is wrong or not.

@giiwaaa; Nooooooooo it’s not cheating as long as you don’t give any part of your body and I mean any part of your body

@khilarah; Please,what if that person is aware that you’re in a relationship? And your partner knows about it too?

@Temi__tope_; Your partner might know you’re talking to the person but might not know his intentions if you don’t tell him. I’m very sure no man will like to see his woman take gifts from someone hitting on her no matter what

@its_emyce; Lol..It should not be,if you can be transparent by telling your partner

@NOTIMEisNOTIME; I think the transparency should come before collecting the gift. You inform your partner about it and if he/she agrees then you go ahead.

@_sobechi; I can’t stress this enough. Ex said i was being too much when we discussed this. Yeah exactly why she’s regarded as ‘ex’. I no come suffer for this life if you can’t comprehend little things then let me be. Na person pikin i be.

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