Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko has advised her fans to not take pictures with anybody they are not romantically connected to.

Destiny Etiko believes not snapping photos with anybody you are not dating enables to deny them in future when they claim they dated you and use the picture you took then to prove their claim.

The curvy and heavily endowed thespian shared this advice on her I{nstagram page and she stated boldly that she is nobody’s ex.

This comes days after Destiny Etiko has also taken to her page to disclose that she is scared to use her water closet due to the recent incident as it was reported how a young lady met her death after a hidden snake in the water closet bit her when she went to use it.

See her post below;

See some reactions below;

domingoloso; `Imagine such mentality, abeg o i no want this kind mentality. Already thinking of breakfast.

minkyvees;`It will become beautiful memories in the future… My ex ain’t my enemy 🤷‍♀️✌️

officialbobbyfrederick; `U don’t really love the nigga ,when u love someone and u are proud of the person my dear u will take more than pictures with him, u will even take photos with his mom n dad 😏😏😏

krystleway; `Lol pls be specific and just say Sugar Daddy so they can understand 😂😂

paschalpepper‘ `I no dey repeat anything after you. If we breakup we breakup e no pass like that. I must take pictures.