She graduated with no job for 17 years – Man celebrates mum who sponsored his education as a trader

A Nigerian man, Osaretin Michael has taken to social media to celebrate his 55-year-old mother for making selfless sacrifices to see to his education.

Osaretin shared on LinkedIn that his mum had graduated from the University of Benin but couldn’t get a job.

She then decided to become a trader at a market in Benin City, Edo and was able to co-sponsor his undergraduate education with her meagre earnings.

Michael praised his mother for ‘stooping low’ to engage in the trading business. He added that despite the ridicule from her friends, she continued at the work and was willing to sacrifice her resources to ensure he had a bright future.

He wrote; ”Someone asked me what/who inspires me, I answered “my mom”.

My mom is currently 55 and although she graduated from the University of Benin, she couldn’t get a job for over 17 years, so she decided to become a trader in a market in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

This woman despite earning little from her trade, still co-sponsored me during my undergraduate days at the University of Benin and periodically sacrificed whatever means available to her just to make me have a brighter future.

She has always been my example right from day one and the thought of her stooping low to become a ” market trader” despite her educational qualification and ridicule from her peers just to provide for her children, inspires me to work harder in life so that all her sacrifices won’t be in vain.

A special shout out to all mothers out there who despite having little, still try to give their kids the best future.”

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