Single mum gets emotional as she recounts how she graduated from university despite all odds

A Nigerian single mum has taken to Twitter to recount how she graduated from university despite the odds staked against her.

According to the Computer Science Graduate from the Federal University of Technology Owerri, she saw an old picture of her son she took during a class years ago and it brought tears to her eyes as she reminisced on the events that happened when she was an undergraduate.

Single mum gets

She said she used to carry her son to class everyday and was battling a bad divorce at the same time. She added that she was also expelled during that same period because her course adviser claimed she physically assaulted him, whereas, it was because she rejected his sexual advances.

Fortunately for her, she was recalled to the university after one month of expulsion, continued her studies with her mate and has now graduated.

Single mum gets

The woman with Twitter handle, @shyprecious, wrote,

“Saw this picture today and I was crying like a baby. Was carrying a baby to class everyday and fighting a bad divorce. While at it, I got expelled. My course adviser couldn’t get me to bed so he said that I beat him up. I was a disaster at the time. Look where I am now.”


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