Landlord serves male tenant quit notice for always bringing girls home (Screenshot)

A Nigerian man has been served a quit notice by his landlord and the reason given is causing fits of laughter on social media.

A copy of the eviction notice letter surfaced online and it shows the landlord raising concerns over the tenant’s habit of bringing girls home.

The tenant identified as Babajide, was given until November 30, to vacate the apartment as his rent will not be renewed.

According to the landlord, the said occupant had been issued numerous warnings but he did not heed any of them, hence the resort to asking him to leave.

Read the letter below..

Reacting, @DLSJnr said; Ideally, he’sto be given 6 months for him to get another apartment. Inability to get one within that time frame, an extension of another 6 months is granted.

But Nigerian tenants don’t know their rights. They allow landlords use charge and bail lawyers to bully them. Can’t be me.

@Tobiechukwu; Let me just quickly educate you, Information is power. As a yearly- payment tenant, you are entitled to six month quit notice within ur payment rent not after your rent expires.

If the landlord really knows what he is doing, the will hand u the six months notice within ur rent.

@khaliva14; Lmao. stop doing shina Dey wouldn’t listen

@DJFleyG1; Werey go dey form james bond.. Now this..

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