Relationship coach cum s3x therapist, Blessing Okoro has dished out a piece of advice to ladies who are desirous of getting their own husband to marry.

In this new dispensation where showing off your partner on social media has become the order of the day, Blessing Okoro believes it is one sure way to prevent one from grabbing her husband.

According to her, a lady who is not married but posts her boyfriend on social media hinders her own chances of securing a husband thus she advised ladies wanting to get a real husband to hide their boyfriends from social media so that a potential suitor is ready to make her a wife will come for them.

She wrote, “Hide your boyfriend, so you can find your husband

Reacting to her advice;

@ogbujieke wrote; “Nah by force? Sheh nah every person una friend wey una marry? Hide me and u wouldn’t see anything about me again…did I approach you for a wife? I approached you for friendship/lover, not wife jooh. If u want make I convert u to wife u gaz win my heart ooh. Forcing me to marry you by hiding me is breach of contract. Don’t do that babe, u know I love u.2

@abdulevans6 wrote; “This is the mistake some of you make until you realise that the boyfriend you’ve been hiding is actually supposed to be your husband…Dear kings and Queens the only rule Is for you to do what works for you….”

@abdulevans wrote; “Lol this post is for those posting up and down without the guy having intention of marrying her”