A Single Mother Of Two Killed Herself After Battling For Depression Of Raising Children Alone

Being a parent is a very much difficult. There are lot of single parent out there and they are having a tough time. Raising a child is not easy and sometimes society can have negative impact on people who do not have children. Not having a children is a personal choice and mostly of people end up falling for the trap.

Do not listen to what others say, ecspecially if you are married. Some mother in laws tend to pressurise their daughter in law to have children.


When you raise a child you are on your own. You are the one who needs to make sure that they are well fed. There are lot of men out there who can make children but they are not ready to handle the responsibility that comes with it. You can make a child but it takes a real person to take care of child. Once you have a child you need to Know that your Freedom will be over. Your children will be on your case 24/7. You will no longer sleep for a long hours like before. You will no longer have time to eat , or to even bath.

All your time will be on your kids and all your attention will be on them. The lady on the above picture took her life because she could not handle the pressure of raising children alone. She was tired of raising the children alone and she decided to take her life.

She was tired of always being followed around by kids. She was tired of always waking up because her children woke up. She wanted her freedom back , but no one helped her. Sometimes to have a break away from kids is necessary. Her children are left without a mother. People can judge her but they do not know what she was going through.


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