Nigerian Afrobeat singer, Tiwa Savage has taken to social media to show off her newly acquired diamond-encrusted Rolex wristwatch amid her s£xtape sage.

Tiwa Savagae is currently trending number one on Twitter following the release of the real s3xtape where he was taking the joystick of a man during bedroom action.

In spite of the controversies surrounding her s3xtape as it was leaked by an anonymous who had earlier threatened to drop the videos, Tiwa Savage has shown that she is unbothered as she has splashed thousands of dollars on a luxury wristwatch and enjoying her life as always.

A video shows the moment she flaunted the wristwatch for her fans to have a good view of it.


Read a few reactions from Instagram users as she flaunts the watch on social media,

@officialgreyart wrote; “Wrist watch is nothing to be compared with the image being dragged to the mud, there are some things you can’t cover up easily with posting of wealth, I can’t believe she was this careless, cos no matter how much you claim unbothered we know as e dey be when you are on your own, by yourself, the true emotions will always stare you in the face ….. Chai dey pain shaa”

@officialmeri_madeinheaven wrote; “My own is NIGERIA female celebrities should stay away from irresponsible men. Being able to afford luxury doesn’t make a person responsible people should learn to separate the two.”

@snuggleqween wrote; “The money the blackmailer wanted to chop she owned her sh*t and flexed the cash instead, A Queen and more😂”

@marvindamee wrote; “Better to use the money for diamond wristwatch than giving blackmailers cuz those werey no go stop , this would just be for few days and everybody go move on”

@adewoluolamide wrote; “Person wey don already talk say she fit release the something herself, then you expect her to be bothered? I’m sure Jam Jam will be fine too when the time comes…. She just needs to start prepping him mentally and emotionally”