Meet Ghanaian Whiz kid who developed wireless earbuds that can translate 40 languages

Ghanaian-British entrepreneur, Danny Manu is a tech genius notably recognised for developing a special set of earbuds.

Manu’s earbuds, which he named Click, is a wireless device that can live translate over 40 languages.

Face to Face Africa reports that the product is the world’s first truly wireless earphones that can translate that many languages.

How it works is that when connected to any smartphone, Click automatically detects the language being spoken and translates it into sentences.

In an interview with Keepthefaith, Manu revealed that he struggled to build his business, especially with funding.

He explained that as a black-owned business in the UK, he had to self-finance his business at the beginning.

“Like all the other ethnic minority-run businesses within the UK, I had a hard time getting the funding and financial support from banks and government-funded programmes that I needed,” he said.

Manu said he raised about $5,000,000 through crowdfunding sites and used that to start his Mymanu brand.

“If you truly believe in your product and ideas, you shouldn’t have too much trouble convincing other people to believe in them, too,” he noted.

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