Mercy Johnson shares her reaction whenever her mother-in-law asks her for another male child(Video)

Mercy Johnson has shared a video on TikTok where she displayed how she behaves whenever her mother-in-law inquires about when her only son is getting a brother.

In the video, there was a screaming background voice and the movie star mimicked the voice.

She then squeezed her face in a way that shows that she hated the question, while she covered her mouth with her hands as if to tell her mother-in-law not to ask the question again.

Alongside the post, the Nollywood actress made use of laughing emojis to laugh at her own tricks.

Already, Mercy is a mother of four children, Purity, Angel, Divine, and a son named Henry.

She welcomed her fourth child in May 2020 and after that she took to her Instagram to reveal that she won’t be having another child when a fan inquired sometime ago in March 2021.

The fan had asked: “Me what I see is another baby coming ooo.” And Mercy replied: “I left the watsup group ooo.”

But the mother-in-law isn’t on the same page with her on the subject matter, as she seems to want more children, especially another male child.

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