Embattled Nigerian businessman and alleged fraudster, Ramon Abbas, better known as Hushpuppi turned 39 today and his friend, Pac has taken to social media to pen down an emotional birthday message to him.

Pac who was released from police custody a few months ago after being detained for almost a year following their arrest by the FBI together with Hushpuppi for suspected fraud and was found not guilty of the crimes accused of pledged his allegiance to Hushpuppi who is still on trial in the US.

Sharing photos of Hushpuppi on his Instagram page, Pac vowed to stand by him even till death as he described him as his best friend.

He wrote;

“Flying without wings”, a reality never amplified. Flying without wings, the truth about life that wasn’t mentioned to us as children. Flying without wings, a “timely” immolation by two to fetter and nurture ordinary souls into brotherhood.

Flying without wings is love without restraint. Flying without wings is how we rose from the dusty streets of Ogunyomi to high path of prosperity of Versace Palazzo in Dubai. Flying without wings is what you did when you told me success is lonely at the top and that I deserve a seat there that I should come join you. It is your birthday today @Hushpuppi (Ramon), it hurts me so much that for reasons beyond the understanding of the judgemental lots you are not celebrating it out here.

Flying without wings is the story of how Ramon made me, an ordinary child locked away from opportunities, haunted by the rear and classlessness of my background, it is the truth of how Ramon brought me relevance, it is how I will stand by him till death. Happy birthday to you best friend, okunrin meta ati abo ijaya gbogbo gbo, even in the hollow, your light still shine.