In the video, the groom abandoned his beautiful bride to rock the back of a seductive wedding guest who purposely came to the ceremony to cause confusion with her cute backside.

The woman’s dangling buttocks, combined with her dance skills, gave the man every excuse to abandon his bride, get out of his chair, and seize the backside with both hands.

The viral footage depicts the story of a man who was having a good time at the expense of his wedded wife. The bride’s facial expression conveyed her displeasure with the groom’s actions but just not to spoil the fun, she had to ignore and deal with him later.

While the music played, his soldier companions applauded him as he gripped, smooched, and caressed the lady’s backside. The husband and bride were supposed to be the center of attention during their wedding reception, but things took an unexpected turn.

Watch the video below: