Officials of the Public Works Volunteers (PUWOV) have apprehended Chinedu Ogu, a convict who escaped from a Correctional Center in Edo State, in coordination with other security agencies in the state.

According to reports, Ogu, a bus driver who was facing murder accusations, was caught after breaking traffic laws on September 22 in Ibiwe, on the suburbs of Benin City.

Nevertheless, it was eventually confirmed that he was one of 1,993 inmates who escaped from two correctional facilities in the state on October 19, 2020, during the #EndSARS demonstration.

To avoid being apprehended, the fugitive stripped himself and proceeded to defaecate which he then picked up with his hands and poured on the PUWOV authorities.

Mukhtar Yusuf-Osagie, the PUWOV coordinator, confirmed the arrest, saying Ogu was approached by PUWOV as a commercial driver who had broken the law, but turned out to be a wanted inmate who had fled from a state correctional facility.


“In a bid to resist arrest and incite passersby against the officials, he went nude at the scene of offence, passed out faeces and used the faeces to bathe the PUWOV officials at the scene,” he stated.

“Luckily, PUWOV officials still apprehended him and in the process, it was discovered that he is a fugitive.

“The official later handed him over to Oba Market Police Division where further investigations were carried out in conjunction with the Nigeria Correctional Service which revealed his name to be one Chinedu Ogu, a fugitive, charged for murder case but escaped during the #EndSARS protests in October 19, 2020.”


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