Former aide to ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, has urged his fans to stop treating celebrities who don’t know about their existence better than their friends.

In a recent post, he made on his Instagram story, Reno Omokri bemoaned how people will still buy Cristiano Ronaldo’s jersey even at $120 yet they will ask their friends who sell their products of $10 to give it to them for free.

He rhetorically asked that between a billionaire like Ronaldo and your friend who really needs the money. Reno Omokri espoused that real love is shown by loving the people that you know and interact with, not by showering affection on celebrities that you fantasize over.

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If you are starting a business remove that “my friends will buy from me” it’s strangers that will support you…your friends will join along the way
There are still friends that will support you but remove your mind my dear😊

adah olisah

How can I like this a billion times! Yeye Fans that will kill themselves on top Celebs that doesn’t even know if they exists


Some won’t buy from us cos they think it will make us richer than them 😂but buy from other vendors they be famzing 😂we will get there with or without them 👌


One of the reasons why businesses don’t strive well apart from the tacky policies of the govt is the attitude of friends and families towards one’s business(es). They want it lesser in price or possibly given to them for free. It’s a common thing here and it needs to stop…