Nigerian Influencer lists five things a man should never do for a woman

A Nigerian Twitter influencer simply known as Shola has taken to he micro-blogging platform, to highlight five things they should never for a woman.

According to him, the number one thing to note is that man should never pay the school fees of a woman except she is married to him.

Read the full list below:

”5 things to never do for a woman — A Thread

Firstly, Never pay a woman’s school fees. Unless she is your wife, never pay for a woman’s education. I’ve seen people send their woman to school only for her to meet her soulmate in school.

Secondly, Never disrespect your family or friends for any woman. A woman can leave you at any point, most especially dark times, but your family and friends will always be there for you. Most especially family, Family is irreplaceable. Don’t play yourself Kings.

Thirdly, Never buy a car or house for a woman when you don’t own one. You should always put yourself first before anyone, not just women. It’s not selfishness, you should always come first kings. If you’re buying one to impress her when you don’t have, that’s stupidity. Wake up!!

Fourthly, Never be too nice to any woman, they don’t like that shitt. Women love bad guys, and being too nice will only get you played, not laid.

Fifthly, Never commit crimes to meet a woman’s need. Stealing, fraud just to provide for and impress a woman? That’s a no-go area kings.

Bonus: Never commit suicide because of a woman. There’s over 3 billion women in the world. If one stress you, run and move to the next. You deserve better kings.”

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