A woman suspected to be a ritualist was caught allegedly stealing children’s pants in Ilorin, Kwara State.

The woman who is in her late 30s after she was caught red-handed confessed during interrogation that she was going to use the stolen pants for rituals.

For fear of being lynched by an angry mob who gathered around her at Odunlade, Ilorin, she was whisked away to the police station in order to prevent jungle justice.

A video showing the moment she was being queried aggressively after she was caught has generated mixed reactions from Instagram users.

Watch the video below;

Here are some reactions below;

If nah yahoo boy do am y’ all girls gonna complain, now una fellow woman do use am dey do ritual 🤞


Y’all don’t have stones in ur state ni? Abi what’s going on??? E soko pa iya joor🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡


Which one is the ritualist???because she looks like she has been used for ritual

amah ra

This September na really September to Remember…… things wey dey occur and we never reach middle


And the so called Rituals can’t even produce the wealth like Dangote’s or Otedola’s …


And she still looks poor. I still don’t get the logic behind money rituals. Is it that the pant will automatically attract the owners to the shrine ? ….. What are humans turning into???


Rituals don’t exist. Enough of this stupidity. Killing people don’t translate into money. Rituals is myth