“Hushpuppi stood by me when the church surrounded me with wickedness” – Daddy Freeze (Video)

Controversial media personality Daddy Freeze has finally disclosed why he dined with Hushpuppi despite knowing his into online fraud.

It would be recalled that investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo disclosed a few days ago that the alleged fraudster has named Daddy Freeze and a few others as accomplices.

Reacting to this, Daddy Freeze in a viral video has disclosed that he dined with Hushpuppi due to the fact that the church turned its back against him.

He further buttressed that when he started his series of “excesses of the church”, this brought untold wickedness from the church as they shoveled it against him.

Freeze finally disclosed that despite Hushpuppi being an alleged fraudster, the young man is a nice and loving person who showed him immense love and support.

“If the church stood by me in my trying times will I answer Hushpuppi when he sent a cab to pick to take me to meet where he was… If I see Hushpuppi I go give him my mind say this thing wey you do na nonsense, but I’ll never take it away from the fact that he’s a lovely warm person who showed me love at a point in my life when I was surrounded by wickedness from the church”

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