Popular Lebanese-born Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has shared her childhood experiences and the ordeal she went through whilst growing up.

Juliet Ibrahim who spoke to Saturday Beats in an interview revealed that she faced a lot of abuses during her teenage years and also intimated that she had body-esteem issues on those days.

She also talked about how she had to migrate from Lebanon to Liberia and finally landed in Ghana furthering that she is a survivor of the upheaval wars after being separated from her family.

She said;

“In my book, I spoke about the many struggles I have gone through. From Liberia to Lebanon, Ivory Coast and Ghana, I survived the upheaval of wars across countries, being torn away from my family and losing memories.

“However, that is only the beginning of my story. I was a child with body-esteem issues, a teenager dealing with abuse in silence, a young woman making mistakes in love and an adult finding cause to celebrate life.

“This is to make others aware and to correct the misconception about celebrities having it all. Celebrities also break down. They have emotions and sometimes, they might not have it all. The aim of my book was to empower every girl child that no matter their background, they can rise above it with hard work and determination.’’