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Hushpuppi And Woodberry Attempted To Hack Into Church Accounts – Kemi Olunloyo Reveals

Nigerian investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo has made a new revelation to the case of the popular Nigerian-Dubai-based big boys, Hushpuppi and Woodberry.

It would be recalled that Ramon Abass known popularly as Hushpuppi and his counterpart Woodberry have been in the grips of the police since 2020. The duo was arrested in June 2020 in Dubai and later sent to the States for trial.

It was reported that the court document against the two suspects arrested claimed that Hushpuppi and Woodberry targeted victims around the world in schemes designed to steal hundreds of millions of dollars. Some electronic devices like phones and laptops were seized from the apartments of Huhspuppi and his friend Woodberry during their arrest in Dubai.

However, US-trained investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has made a new revelation about the case of Hushpuppi and Woodberry. According to Kemi, Hushpuppi and Woodberry tried to hack into some church accounts. She disclosed that the two failed to hack into the church accounts of some Nigerian churches.

The church accounts Hushpuppi and Woodberry reportedly tried to hack were Winners Chapel, Salvation Ministry, and RCCG. According to Kemi, the information was received from a source at the FBI.

“EXCLUSIVE: Hushpuppi and Woodberry and church money. Both alleged fraudsters FAILED ATTEMPTS to hack into Nigerian church accounts according to an @fbi source who told me they feared God “who brought them to where they were successful”. They allegedly targeted businesses, individuals, and more” Kemi wrote.


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