“Don’t charge people based on their parents name and wealth” – Bauchi Governor’s daughter, Zara Mohammed goes on a rant about wedding vendors


The daughter of Bauchi State Governor, Fatima Zara Bala Mohammed, has launched a rant about Nigerian wedding vendors.


Taking to her Instagram story late Wednesday, March 10, she accused some vendors of unprofessionalism, lack of respect and charging too much for their services.


“Vendors are rude, especially wedding vendors and no it doesn’t apply to all, not at all. Some are very pleasant and their presence is refreshing…newsflash. The wedding and creative industry is growing. Rapidly in Nigeria. You keep being rude and sooner or later your client profile will drop. Fix that attitude. Everyone is replaceable, myself included. Also stop telling people how much you charged other clients, no one asked for it…very unprofessional. ” she wrote.


She also accused certain vendors of charging people based on their social status and family names or wealth.

“Their fathers’ title isn’t them and they aren’t their parents. Look beyond that and be professional. Dont charge people based off on their parents name, their wealth etc. Just because client B isnt as wealthy as client A should never be a reason/the reason you treat treat cliet B differently. God can turn things around in a split second,”


She concluded by advising vendors to be kind and respectful to clients no matter their status.


“We all want to earn our own wealth and blow but it’s better to earn it the right way, that cheat yourself through. Cheat money never lasts! Be good and kind to people, title never lasts but your experience will last forever and that’s the tale you live to tell.”




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