A South African lady has set social media on fire with her recent post.

The post, which is a very controversial post was made by this social media user on the popular social media platform, Twitter.

According to her, a guy who is a true male best friend to a lady will not hesitate showing the size of his manhood to the lady.

This has really garnered some reactions from social media users who have seen the post. The post she made reads;

“A true male bestie will show you the size of his d*ck”

Read some reactions below;

@phasi_mthimunye – True. Back then each time her boyfriend stood her I was always there to console her. Unfortunately, it resulted in baby.

@MaShengeOffline – lies a true bestie is even scared to even talk about the d not his size. It took my bestie 6months to even give me a hug.

@Nazomagenge2 – …..And also bury that “d” in your cookie

@Percy73618980 – Is this what besties do Kanti hayi

@Bekithe39571627 – You remind me of school days. I used to break viginity on my friends because they have bf so they don’t wanna appear as there 1st time when doing it with the bf. Eyi I miss those days.

@nathi_nkosi1 – I have this female besties we smash when we feel like, she’ll be like Skeem I need your help I will be like spit it out chommy, she’ll be like I am thirsty chommy iza then the rest is history. Soo mybe o don’t know the definition of besties.

@Signore_Prof – A true female bestie will also offer a cookie to muff during those stressful times.