My Dad Always Reminds Me That When You Die, You Don’t Take Your Money With You – Cuppy Reflects In New Social Media Post

Billionaire daughter, Florence Otedola, widely known as DJ Cuppy has taken to social media to share some of the life lessons she gets from her wealthy father, Femi Otedola.

The DJ cum singer took to her Twitter page on Wednesday Evening to share with her followers that nothing lasts forever and all the wealth accrued in this world would be left behind after death.

My father  @realFemiOtedola always reminds me that when you die you CANNOT take your money with you”. She tweeted

One of her fans opined that while the billionaire goes out of his way to make life comfortable for his children, he manages to instill the core values of humanity in them.

The follower wrote:

I’m glad that ur dad always reminds u that when one dies, his or her wealth stays behind; It’s all vanity upon vanity. That’s why u should use ur wealth to elevate people the best way u can. The money being spent on extravagant material things can help lots of people.

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